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Pharma New Talent Podcast Series


Roberto Costillas, from Junior PM to CEO

Roberto Costillas is CEO & Founder of Fertypharm, but before getting there, he has hardened himself as a professional in a brilliant career full of exciting challenges and also, why not, some frustrations.

Starting as a Junior Product Manager, over the years he came to lead the commercial network of Lacer, an iconic brand of the pharmacy channel. Later he would also manage sales in Salvat, who has not healed a wound with Cristalmina as a child? Or the address of the UN España de Ordesa, another historical laboratory and benchmark in child nutrition.


After this experience, mainly in a pharmaceutical family business, he decided to start his own project, back in 2015 and founded, together with other partners, Fertypharm, the first pharmaceutical laboratory 100% focused on solving fertility problems. From there, the rest is history, a reference brand for assisted reproduction centers in Spain and an international sales network that distributes its products in 10 countries and growing.  

With Roberto we talked about the beginnings in the pharmaceutical industry, reflections on emerging talent, the involvement in sales of the Product Manager or starting a project from scratch. 

Foto de Roberto Costillas y Enric Miquel

The path of strategic consulting to the pharmaceutical industry

Baldomero Falcones, who has been General Manager at Novo Nordisk or Arkopharma, among others.


His testimony is especially interesting for those people who, despite not having studied a career inLife-Sciences, is eager to prosper and grow in the pharmaceutical industry.

Baldomero has a degree in Economics and Business Administration from CUNEF, an MBA from IESE and after a stint in strategic consulting he went on to lead companies in the field of Medicines, Medical Devices, Rare Diseases, Food Supplements and Cosmetics. Thus, he has a privileged 360º vision of the sector and shares with us those interesting insights from someone who has started with medical visits and has grown to the general management.

Foto de Baldomero Falcones y Enric Miquel

The trailer  - Introduction to the project 

Pharma New Talent podcast series was born with the mission of inspiring talent in the pharmaceutical industry. In this space, we will talk with industry leaders: HR Managers, CEOs and emerging talents who with their stories  will make us learn and grow as professionals. Let's go!


Cristina Kiskeri, Head of Talent and Culture at Ferrer 

Cristina Kiskeri is a journalist by training but has dedicated her professional career to the People area. After a 7-year period at FMCG, specifically at Danone, today he is Head of Talent & Culture at Ferrer, considered one of the giants in the PHARMA sector in Spain with more than 1,700 employees.

Today on everyone's lips: "the cultural transformation of the pharmaceutical industry", for Ferrer it was an absolute priority back in 2018, in a pre-pandemic world it was already clear that a company without purpose does not advance or impact the world.

The road has been long, but it has paid off. The result is collaborators who are absolutely committed to the project.

Thanks to this focus, Ferrer has been the first pharmaceutical laboratory in Spain to achieve B Corp certification. Recognition obtained only by those companies that can demonstrate a positive impact on society in a tangible way.

We also talked with Cristina about the Trust-Responsibility pairing when dealing with her collaborators and how what they call “triple impact” leadership allows having leaders who take care of their personal development, that of their teams and their return to society.

Foto de Cristina Kiskerri y Enric Miquel

From Veterinarian to Director of Business Units in Pharma

With a humanist leadership style and faithful follower of Servant-Leadership, Eva Moyano accumulates extensive experience and extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. In this podcast, she shares with Pharma New Talent the biggest challenges she has encountered throughout her career: putting the patient at the center, manage people and maintain a high standard of performance.

Foto de Eva Moyano y Enric Miquel

High performance athlete, Pharma Product Manager and influencer. Who is Ingrid Pino?

We will get to know Ingrid Pino more closely, born in 1995 in Benissanet (Tarragona) she decided to study Biotechnology and after a master's degree focused on the pharmaceutical industry, landed in a German laboratory: Fresenius Kabi, a world leader in dialysis.


She began her career as Junior Product Manager, and soon showed her interest in digital, which led her to co-lead the digital transformation process that the company is facing.

In addition to this, Ingrid has time to be a high-performance athlete (although she doesn't like to call it that), and to have a community of followers of more than 75,000 people.

Ingrid transmits authenticity and passion for everything she does, which inspires other young people to start a career in Pharma. This is how during the pandemic he founded Pharma Junior, with the mission of connecting juniors and seniors, creating a community of exchange and professional growth.

Foto de Ingrid Pino y Enric Miquel
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